BUND Schleswig-Holstein

BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) is one of Germany’s largest environmental non-profit NGOs. Organised at federal state level, the regional association BUND Schleswig-Holstein (BUND-SH) lobbies for consistently green politics and, with the help of its donors and members, actively engages in the protection and sustainable use of natural resources as well as the conservation of natural heritage. BUND-SH works for stronger environmental and conservation laws, is involved in PR and environmental education work and provides expertise in several environmental fields.

BUND-SH is UNDINE’s lead partner and responsible for the following tasks:

  • administrative service and support with regards to content;
  • coordination and networking amongst project and cooperation partners;
  • information and public relations work;
  • set-up and service of the project website;
  • collection and screening of underwater photos and footage;
  • development of new environmental education concepts in cooperation with the Danish partners;
  • organisation of and participation in relevant conferences, workshops and seminars.