AG GeoMedien, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

The AG GeoMedien is involved in Education for Sustainable Development, social entrepreneurship as well as communication and media. In cooperation with the university’s steering committee, we design model strategies and projects to develop the CAU further into a sustainable university. In recent years, we have coordinated the set-up of the Kiel School of Sustainability and established the Changemaker Campus Project. The latter enables the students of Kiel universities to plan and implement their own change projects for sustainable development and social innovations as part of their studies.

In the field of environmental education, we combine different means of media, the internet and geographic information science to create geomedia. We produce films, learning media, web applications and interactive products for mobile end devices with the aim of promoting learning processes for sustainable development. The contents and methods required for their application can be acquired during the courses we offer.

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